Bike and Hike, ruta 2019

Via Dinarica is a mega hiking trail, stretching from Albania to Slovenia - mostly diagonally from southeast to northwest. Via Dinarica covers the largest karst area on the planet. Tectonic plates have created a giant limestone vertebrate that extends over 1000 km through the heart of the Western Balkans. Its head rises far on the horizon, and is made of a group of toothed peaks that dominate northern Albania, northwestern Kosovo, Plav and Gusinje in northern Montenegro. Its body cuts to Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia. Its extremities extend along the Montenegrin and Croatian Adriatic coasts. The tail itself is split into two parts and ends in the most beautiful European limestone caves - Postojna and Škocjan.

As the trail extremities refer to the wider area of ​​the main trails, Stolac Municipality fits into the Blue Route section. Accordingly, it participated in the project (2019-2021), announced by Via Dinarica, implemented and co-financed by UNDP B&H, with financial support from USAID B&H and AICS. This phase of the project is being implemented in cooperation with local partners - the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of RepublikaSrpska, local authorities, non-governmental and private sectors active in tourism. The Via Dinarica initiative aims to promote the significant natural and cultural resources of the Western Balkans,to enable adventures to nature lovers from around the world, and to preserve mountain areas, cultures and landscapes that are an oasis of untouched nature in Europe.

Respecting the project’s objective, the Municipality of Stolac involved Radimlja P.I., which then reconstructed the information center at the necropolis of Radimlja, created a hike and bike path equipped with a observation deck, necessary equipment (lightning, bins, benches etc.) and information boards.

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