I care for Europe 2019

After several years of cooperation on the project of international volunteer camps organized by the International Network of NGOs Adriatic GreeNet and UNESCO Club from Udine, which received high sponsorship from all UNESCO National Commissions, these small towns in 2013  have established the Network of Small Cultural European Cities ”I Care for Europe”. This network reflects the goodwill of all members, commitment to working together, sharing experiences and good practices through organizing joint meetings of non-profit associations, schools, economic and social organizations, identifying possible EU tenders and calls for proposals for joint projects concerning the promotion of cultural and natural heritage, sustainable development and tourism. The network is open to access to other communities of similar characteristics in Europe.

As part of the network of cities with rich cultural heritage, Stolac also hosted and organized meetings for 180 network members from Italy, Serbia, and Slovenia in 2017, offering a rich program, seminars, workshops and introductions to the cultural heritage of the municipality. The aim of the connection is to increase partnership and cooperation with other small towns and communities with similar characteristics in Europe.

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