Stolačka tarča

Targa, targa or taboloccium anglum is the name for a type of shield, usually square or rectangular, that has been in Europe since the 13th century. century. It is used by spearmen in the assault, and later, in a slightly modified form, it is used in tournaments. These shields, very often combined with a sword, are one of the most common motifs for the ornamentation of stećak tombstones from the area of ​​Herzegovina, so they are also found on several stećak tombstones in the Stolac necropolis. Many years of a comprehensive study of the historical sights of Stolac, as well as hard work on the promotion of Stolac as a tourist destination, led to the idea of ​​a medieval fair. These efforts have been institutionalized and intensified specially in the last few years through the activities of the Public Institution "Radimlja", which is the initiator of the project. Their goal was the revitalization of the Vidoš Fortress and the presentation of revived history, which ultimately resulted in bringing historical events closer to everyone and a new, more intimate and concrete experience of the same. Undoubtedly, this is a new dimension in the tourist offer of the municipality.

The project is conceived as a living display of most of the essential components of a medieval day in the life of a knight's fortress. Thus, visitors have the opportunity to taste medieval food and drink, look at medieval utensils, tools and weapons, try their hand at the disciplines of fencing and archery in the way it was done in that period. He can watch dances, depictions of battles, and listen to lectures on medieval torture devices and hospitals of the time. The central event is the depiction of the conquest of the town of Vidoš. A vivid and convincing fight, the fruit of enthusiasm and love of the participants, shows us how with the right motives, many efforts and good collaborators (knights) the weaker can beat the stronger. It is a symbol that gives hope that Stolac, given all that it has to offer in the field of tourism, will one day take its rightful place on the map of tourist destinations. This fair is a step closer to that goal.

Vidoška Fortress, dressed in medieval attire, shines with a special splendor in those days. All those who participate in the realization of the project, revive her and her stories, and all those who visit the fair, Stočani, tourists, tourism workers, students, guests, media, become part of these stories, part of life harder. We hope that this modern approach to tourism will revive many other sights of the museum city.

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