Radimlja - necropolis of stećak tombstones

The necropolis of stećak tombstones in Radimlje is the most famous site of stećak tombstones, medieval tombstones, in Herzegovina. It is located 3 kilometers west of Stolac, along the road Stolac - Capljina, in the locality Vidovo polje, near the village Poprati. The necropolis is one of the most valuable monuments of the medieval period in BiH. Characteristics that emphasize its value are: number of copies, variety and representation of all basic forms, the relatively high artistic quality of workmanship, richness of plastic decorations, reliefs and inscriptions mentioning historical figures and its availability and accommodation.

There are 135 stećak tombstones in the necropolis, 63 of which are decorated. About 30% of them have the shape of a plate, 25% the shape of a chest and 25% of the chest with a base (that is, the stećak tombstones are either one element or two specially shaped and joined elements). There are also three stone crosses, one of which dominates the necropolis. The orientation of the stećak tombstones is east-west, and they are located in a field surrounded by a rock massif, the direction of which follows the direction of the Dinarides. On the site itself, the stećak tombstones are densely stacked and are located right next to the road. The necropolis on Radimlja is rich in decorated stećak tombstones, as many as 63 of them. The trademark or recognition of this necropolis is a male figure with a raised hand and a relatively large fist and fingers, which seems to tell the traveler that in this hard and rugged Herzegovinian region he will come across hospitable and friendly people.

Commission to Preserve National Monuments of BiH, 5 November 2002 adopted a decision declaring the historical area - the necropolis of the Radimlje stećak tombstones near Stolac a National Monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Official Gazette of BiH, No. 40/02).


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