Stolac is a small town in south-east of Bosnia and Herzegovina and a part of the same municipality. It is located on a travel route which passes Herzegovina from Bosnia to the Adriatic coast, on a watershed of river Bregava, on an intersection of roads for Sarajevo, Mostar, Dubrovnik, Split, Čapljina, Trebinje, and furthermore towards Montenegro and Albania. It has Mediterranean climate. Sunny days break the record, similar to Adriatic island of Hvar with 2,500 hours of sun per year.

Thanks to its Mediterranean charm, clear waters, gentle sky and scenery, and harmony of nature beauty, the area of Stolac has attracted people from prehistoric times. As the region is rich in Mediterranean climate, all kinds of fruits, especially grapes, have flourished. The presence of human community in the area of Stolac dates back 16,000 years ago. Therefore, this area is a hiding place of prehistoric people, a fortress of Illyria, an ancient municipality, a medieval city, a resting place of the stećak headstones, a resort ofbeys, Austro-Hungarian visit and much more. The Municipality of Stolac has 30 monuments on the list of National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina, two of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The name of the settlement has experienced changes through history. The oldest version is Daorsoi, i.e.Daorson. The following is a Roman municipality Dilluntum. Contemporary name of Stolac was first mentioned in 1420 (loco dictoStolac), and the fortress of Vidovski in 1436. The ottoman Ilce and Iistolce follows, then Vidoška and finally Stolac.
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