"Boljuni - necropolis of stećak tombstones

The necropolis of the Boljuni stećak tombstones is located in Boljuni, 12 kilometers southwest of Stolac. 269 ​​stećak tombstones have been preserved in the necropolis, in two groups. According to the shapes, there are the most chests - 176, followed by slabs - 76, then gables - 12 and 3 crosses. Of the total number, 92 stećak tombstones are decorated (34%), while the necropolis of Radimlje stands out with its richness, variety and high quality of relief motifs, the necropolis in Boljuni stands out with a large number of inscriptions - 19 (7%). place in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The most common decoration on Boljun stećak tombstones is a cross, followed by a bent vine with a trefoil (the motif is characteristic of the whole of Herzegovina, and it appears here quite often), a shield with a sword, as well as rosettes, then various borders, crescent, hunting scenes, tournaments, carts etc.

Within the necropolis is the tomb of the famous duke Vlatko Vukovic, on whose cross it is written: "Ace lies the good man Vlatko Vukovic". Vlatko was the first to defeat the Turks near Bileća on August 27, 1388. He died in 1392. He is the Grand Duke of the House of the Mowers, a person trusted by King Tvrtko.

It is worth mentioning the stećak tombstone of Tarah Boljunović, which has decorations on all vertical sides and inscriptions on the east and west sides, and the stećak tombstone with the image of a mother holding a child in her arms. Boljun inscriptions were written in the Croatian vernacular with elements of the Church Slavonic literary language and one of the three Croatian scripts: Croatian Cyrillic. All inscriptions on this necropolis are extremely short, lapidary, contain mostly only basic biographical information, and like most others usually begin with the sign of the cross and the wording "and lie down". A systematic study of this necropolis concluded that most of them date from the time of the master Grubač and master Semorad, ie in the 15th and 16th centuries. Next to the necropolis is the so-called Greek well popularly known as Neves water.


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