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The Slovo Gorčina event, which has been held every year in Stolac and at the necropolis of Radimlje stećak tombstones since 1971, had one permanent and maximally cohesive element from its first idea, immediately after the death of the poet Mak Dizdar, who was born in Stolac. cultural heritage, all that, as it was said at the first meetings, that man has created on this soil.

Slovo Gorčina is an event that offers an opportunity to gather with content that can be poetry, music, paintings, film, philosophy, history and all other media of the human spirit. The goal of the event is a spiritual connection imbued with communion in all that is beautiful and useful. These are meetings that seek to symbolically represent the region, the region and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on a platform of unity with a constant pursuit of universal humanity.

Stolac, with a number of its cultural and historical layers, represents the starting point and inspiring basis for further content in continuing the cultural heritage of our ancestors "- with these words, along with the first issue of the bulletin Slovo Gorčina in 1973, the basic idea of ​​the event was presented.

While Mak Dizdar was still alive, and he often visited Stolac in the last years of his life, the idea arose that in this city, where not only stone but also water and greenery predominate, artists' meetings are held on many Stolac open stages. In an interview published in Stolacke novine in 1970, Mak said, among other things: “… Stolac, in my opinion, should host the Orpheus Days, because this is a Mediterranean area, and the story of Orpheus and Eurydice is Mediterranean. . It would be a gathering of eminent Yugoslav cultural workers and writers and it would be a cultural and tourist event. "

Unfortunately, Mak's path from the nest to the stars ended in the summer of 1971, and Fahrudin Rizvanbegović, Mehmed Dizdar, Muharem Dizdar and Muhamed Šator organized a recital of Mak's poetry on Radimlja in honor of Mak and his poetry. This was followed by the idea of ​​Odjek and Oslobodjenje from Sarajevo to concretize Mak's idea of ​​Orpheus' days, so the first event was organized for October 1971. Mak's great friend Jan Beran made a recital in Radimlja, among the stone sleepers, where Mak's poetry was at its source. verse, music and song in one breath.

The name of the event was given by Jan Beran who, together with Alija Isaković, Džemal Čelić, Midhat Begić, Muhsin Rizvić, Zuk Džumhur, Juraj Najdhart, Emir Buzaljko, to name just a few of the deceased members of the Executive Board of Slova Gorčina, created many contents over the years. The poster and the front page of the bulletin, that recognizable hand from Radimlje, along with a stylized Bosnian woman, was created by a great friend of Stolac, Juraj Najdhart.

Since 1973, the Slovo Gorčina event has been accompanied by a publication with that name, and it has supplemented and enriched the event with its contents. The editors of the publication were Muhamed Šator, Mehmed Dizdar, Miroslav Palameta.

Today, when the situation in our country is in complete disarray, and when there has been a complete decline in values ​​in all segments of human life, such an event is very much needed, which seeks to affirm, as already said, the entire cultural heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. this soil. In today's time of complete chaos, we need to return to the poet and his words:

"We need to bridge the desert they created now…" (Mak Dizdar)

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