Fair ''Herzegovinian fruits of the Mediterranean''

Fair "Herzegovinian fruits of the Mediterranean"

The long-standing idea of ​​continuing to encourage the planting of Mediterranean cultures, which began in 1840, was realized in 2008 through the manifestation "Herzegovinian fruits of the Mediterranean".

Therefore, only in 2008 were the conditions created for the successful event, according to many visitors, with the great support of the Mayor of Stolac, and the wider socio-political community. Through the assessment of relevant factors and the common people, with objective modesty, we have achieved notable success if, thanks to us, dozens of hectares of new crops of figs, pomegranates and olives have been planted and if potential producers and processors have acquired the necessary knowledge for future activities. With all due respect to the organizers of other similar events in the country, our primary goal is to work in the field of Herzegovina, directly with producers, so we are a specific Association that will, we are informed through information from the field, with the help of relevant institutions become a respectable factor. and sub-Mediterranean culture in our country.

We do not have data on the quantity and value of imported fruits and processed fruits and the amount of foreign exchange outflows from the country, but we are sure that our activities will try to become an exporter from importers because only then our association would justify its existence. We strive to create a brand of wild pomegranate juice, olive oil, dried figs, medicinal and aromatic herbs (immortelle).

This program is a framework and a guide to the future work of the previously stated and set goal.

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