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The project “The Thematic Routes of the Medieval Herzeg Countries - the Medieval Theme” is a cross-border program of Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro under the EU Instrument for Pre-Admission Assistance IPA. The implementation of the project started in December 2015 and lasted 24 months.

The promoter of the project is the Development Agency ofWest Herzegovina County (HERAG) P.I. and the partners in the project from Bosnia and Herzegovina are the Tourist Association of West HerzegovinaCounty (TZŽZH), the Municipality of Ljubuški and the Public Institution for the Development of Tourism and Protection of the Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of Radimlja Stolac. Project partners from Montenegro are the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism (MRT) and the NGO Center for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives (CSTI) from Podgorica.

The aim of the project was to stimulate socio-economic development and to improve cross-border cooperation of the border area between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The implementation of the planned activities established a new cross-border tourism product based on the historical and cultural heritage of the region, as well as quality local products and services.

The project was implemented through numerous activities, such as: collecting tangible and intangible historical and cultural heritage related to Old Herzegovina and Duke Stjepan Vukčić Kosača; development of criteria for standardization of tourism services; implementation of training programs aimed at strengthening the capacity of the activities holders in the region; realization of study tours between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro; production and distribution of promotional material (guide, map, etc.); designing and equipping themed hiking trails with information boards.

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